Sculpt, Stretch and Strengthen


Located in West Seattle, Washington, C'est la barre is a ballet-based Barre and Cardio Kickboxing program, developed and led with passion by Mary Jenson.


C'est la barre opened in June of 2018 in West Seattle.  C'est la barre classes will be offered starting in late August/early September, at Project 968 Studios, located at 5621 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA.

Each class is different and unique, but always focused on helping each individual improve on his or her body composition, muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and balance.  Participants enjoy a fun and noncompetitive environment.  

Creator and instructor, Mary Jenson, has been teaching fun and high energy barre and cardio kickboxing classes to adults interested in improving their fitness levels for over a decade.  "My focus is always on cultivating a path for success for each individual participant, as well as a sense of team and community for the group!"  Bringing fifty years of experience in ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance, martial arts, aerobics training and barre to the program, Mary is a certified Balletone instructor. Mary holds both a Group Fitness Instructor Certification and a Fitness Nutrition Certification from the American Council on Exercise.



Mary Jenson




Class LOCations

Project 968 Studios

5621 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA. 98106



Starting 9/10/18


Tuesday and Friday


Cardio Kickboxing


8:30-9:15 am


Hear what clients have had to say about C'est la barre...




"I've had the pleasure of having Mary as my barre instructor for the past 2 years.  Mary brings a high level of energy and positivity to each and every class. Her knowledge and experience enables her to tailor a class to fit the individual needs of the participant, regardless of their level.  I find that Mary will challenge me to reach my highest potential while keeping a smile on my face. Mary also keeps the atmosphere fun and inviting so that everyone always feels welcome. As an exercise enthusiast, I have found that taking Mary's barre class has improved my performance in the other activities and sports that I enjoy. I honestly can't imagine my life without C'est la barre."

Grace R.

"I have been going to barre classes with Mary for over a year.  The classes are so much more than just a typical barre program.  Mary brings many different elements into the class resulting in a truly awesome experience.  The classes are varied and a lot of fun.  Mary has been very helpful in dealing with the assorted injuries that many of us in the classes have to ensure we are getting a safe, invigorating workout."

Helene C.

"I have been exercising with Mary for well over 5 years.  Her passion for creating and maintaining a healthy body was definitely contagious.  Mary's dance background coupled with her knowledge of physiology  and anatomy makes for a vigorous but safe workout.  She is creative and energetic and no two work outs are alike.  I have become much stronger and have defined muscle tone as a result of doing barre classes with Mary 2 to 3 days a week."

Kim G.

Everything about bar classes at C'est la barre is exceptional.  Instructor Mary Jenson is warm and welcoming and provides a positive atmosphere for our workouts. While the classes are challenging, Mary always suggests modifications for those just beginning at C'est la barre. Mary targets every muscle group systematically and the results are toned, lean muscles! The physical space at C'est la barre is private and soothing adding to the overall wonderful experience there.


I've been passionate with my personal fitness my whole life. I've taken every workout under the sun, but, having taken classes from Mary for over 10 years now, I am pleased to say she is truly the best instructor on the planet. She's a warm, caring person who will go out of her way to tailor the group workout for each individual. The classes are always different, upbeat, and fun. The music is fantastic. It's a party! My body is at its peak when I take barre. I'm lean and well toned. The post workout aura is uniquely euphoric. I can't say enough good things about this class. It's a hidden gem in the fitness world.